About kennel Brizo


“BRIZO” in Greece mythology means the protector of mariners, sailors, and fishermen. I think this name for our kennel is the best, because it is our lifestyle.

The beginning of this kennel started from my birthday present…
Despite that we are living in the city, we always had dogs and cats at home. Many years ago we had senbernars, later a ryzenshnauzer. But all our dogs were without documents, so we didn’t breed them. Some years ago we had started to search for a dog for our future farmstead. We needed a big, brave, watchful and not aggressive dog friend for our family. In that moment we were looking for a popular breed as a labrador or golden retriever. But soon we realized that we can’t raise them, because in our farmstead we have 8 hectares of water Lake, where live plenty of ducks and a pair of swans (Ann and John). So we had to refuse an idea to raise dogs with strong hunting instincts.
One day in the internet I found unseen, wonderful beauty, magnificent dog. It was a BERNER SENNENHUND. I have started to learn about this breed and I understood that I want exactly this dog!

My family knew about my special dream and for 50 years anniversary my son with daughter made an alive present to me – a Berner zenenhund bitch GABANA BOHEMIJOS ŽIBUTĖ. This is the best birthday present I could ever had! This girl changed my life in 180 degrees. I have started to be interested in dogs’ show, documentary dog breeding and requirements of the LKD. In the past years I with Gabana successfully participated in many dog shows and on the 31th of January in 2009 we had an impressive litter of 12 puppies! We had to decide what will be the name of our kennel and no doubt it was the “BRIZO”. Because we are living near the Baltic Sea, Kuršių lagoon – it is the land of fishermen and whole our family is the fishermen fanatics. We are more interested into the fishing process, neither into the fish. The catch We are sharing with our friends, neighbors or simply let it go in our water lake. Gabana has even learned how to catch the fish with her teeth, when we are letting them out. It’s the perfect example how the dog can adapt to the family’s hobby.



Our kennel is not a big. In these days we are having two wonderful girls: Gabana Bohemijos Žibute and Shanel Cesar Brizo. When we are having puppies – we with veterinarian’s care are looking after them for two months. Vaccinated puppies are going to the new home with a pet passport, microchip and LKD/FCI issued origins documents. There is also a contract between the breeder and the puppy's new owner, which is reflected in mutual commitments.We are constantly in contacts with the owners that we could to advise and observe how our puppies are growing. We are organizing meetings, events and participating in the annual congress of Lithuanian Bernese Mountain Dog.We are full of joy and very glad when our puppies come to visit us, because they are always welcome. 

                                                                                                                                             Dalia-the owner of " Brizo"




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